Our Approach


Peak Tuition, based in Wilmslow, are a leading provider of private tuition and education consultancy, working with families and businesses from across the UK and overseas. Known for being unpretentious and frank, our honest and direct approach has helped hundreds of children achieve academic success and gain acceptance to selective schools across the UK.

As independent education specialists, our understanding of private day and boarding schools is second to none. Our expertise extends beyond exam results and tables. First-hand knowledge and feedback from our students means that we know what schools are really like when you take a look behind the slick marketing.

We take time to get to know our students, their personalities and their strengths and weaknesses. We aim to do more than simply help children pass exams, we strive for academic excellence. When a Peak Tuition child arrives at a school that they have won a place for, we want them to be well equipped for ongoing success, to be a motivated and a passionate learner.