Peak Tuition is a leading provider of tuition and consultancy for school-age students throughout Cheshire and the North West.

Boy in private school completing an exam

Peak Tuition provides first class tuition for parents wishing to enhance their child’s learning experience through private tuition in their own home or online. We educate pupils at all levels from the very youngest at prep school to students studying for GCSEs and A levels, but our particular speciality is preparing pupils for 7+, 11+ & 13+ independent day and boarding school entrance exams.

A girl attending boarding school with an Educaiton Consultant

In addition to our small hand-picked team of the best tutors who inspire passion for learning and help children achieve their full potential, we provide bespoke education consultancy. With many years’ experience and a thorough knowledge of local schools, we offer guidance on a wide range of matters – from special needs, to advice on choosing the best independent school for your child.

Private School Tie

Choosing Peak Tuition to support your child’s education is a commitment we take seriously. Discretion and integrity are at the very core of the service we provide and you will find that we are truly different to other tuition providers. We are not faceless, we work with people; not purses and we will do our very best to ensure that your child makes the most of their education. Our consultancy services are available to clients worldwide.



Learning should be something that all children enjoy. We work hard to ensure that children find the fun in academia.

“The lessons were actually fun and I liked his sense of humour. The sessions were better than school because they were more challenging and I got taught what I needed to know for the entrance examination; at school they only did local schools’ past papers.”

“My son declared last week that he felt Daniel had inspired him.”

“Daniel has been teaching me English, maths, history and science. I find his lessons interesting and enjoyable. Daniel explains things that are complicated in a very easy way.”

“My child looks forward to his lessons, and always seems to have fun! I would highly recommend.”



Geography doesn’t limit our ability to support children and families around the globe. Our consultancy services have a truly global reach.

“My sons had a fantastic time with Peak Tuition over the summer and their English has definitely improved. We were impressed that they had the opportunity to improve their English speaking skills taking part in activities like shooting, quad biking and in other real life social situations. Our children have been left with memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.”

“DBS is indebted to Peak Tuition for supporting one of our most important private banking clients. 36 hours after we initially made contact Daniel arrived in Singapore and worked with our client to manage their situation. Our client is happy with the resolution. We (are) very happy to work with him again.”

“Daniel Coward negotiated school admission on our behalf for our eldest son Nicolas to attend Charterhouse. We were keen for the boy to attend a British school and Daniel met with us at our home in Los Angeles, all I had to dedicate was 1 hour and Daniel took care of everything. The boy has thrived at Charterhouse and meets with Daniel twice a semester, Daniel has spent the last two summers vacationing with us and tutoring Nicolas. I would suggest, without hesitation, that Daniel is the world's preeminent educational consultant and now a dear family friend.”

High Expectation


Our high expectations help children to reach their full potential, motivates them to have high aspirations and produces real progress.

“... he taught me more effective methods in maths, verbal reasoning and creative writing than my school. He also improved my vocabulary and now I am less distracted doing work.”

“He quickly identified our son’s weaknesses and established a great rapport with him.”

“... immediately picked up on things that the school could improve in the classroom to support our son – these suggestions received great feedback from the school and have since been implemented.”

“He has quickly got to grips with what my year 4 son needs to improve most (which is slightly different to where I originally thought he needed most focus).”

“Daniel is very professional, extremely helpful, flexible and accommodating. So much so that we have now engaged his services for my eldest son who suffers from Dyscalculia.”

“I have been amazed at the progress my child has made in such a short space of time.”



We’re proud of our success, with 100% of our 11+ and 13+ students achieving entry to their first-choice school for the last 4 consecutive years.

“Our son gained an academic scholarship for one school and gained entrance successfully into our preferred first choice, The Grange Senior School. Our son actually said the test was quite easy, which we are sure was a result of his thorough preparation with Daniel. When I asked him whether he thought Daniel had helped him, he was emphatic in his reply of yes, definitely.”

“We were looking for a tutor to help our daughter prepare for an entrance assessment for an independent school. We chose Peak Tuition because of their specialist experience in this area of tuition. Daniel has tutored our daughter for several months and we have been delighted by her progress and how much she enjoys the lessons.”

“Daniel helped me pass my entrance exam for (MGS) year 7. The type of work he taught me, comprehension and writing, helped me in school as well, so I am very happy about that.”


Results & progress are very important to us, but that doesn’t mean that our students don’t enjoy their lessons. We want our students to love their tuition.

“My child looks forward to his lessons, and always seems to have fun! I would highly recommend.”

“The lessons were actually fun and I liked his sense of humour. The sessions were better than school because they were more challenging and I got taught what I needed to know for the entrance examination; at school they only did local schools’ past papers.”

“The time my son has spent with you has not only seen his chances of good GCSEs grades grow, but his confidence grow. His belief in himself as a person and the way he looks at his future is a joy to behold.”

“Dean actually looks forward to his tuition which is a first! His tutor makes the lesson fun but with good learning skills at the same time.”

“My favourite lesson so far was when we wrote a horror story. I learnt to create tension using sophisticated vocabulary and punctuation for effect.”

Make the most of your child’s education


Peak Tuition offers a unique, personal service. We do things differently to most – you can find our clients all over the UK and overseas, but we’re distinctly northern – no nonsense, unpretentious and honest.

Your child’s education is one of the most significant financial investments you are likely to make other than your mortgage, typically around £250,000 for 14 full years of private schooling – at least double that for boarding.

You only get one real shot at making your child’s education a success and we are here to support your family with making the right decisions and ensuring your investment is a success and your child thrives in their academic studies.