The Grange School

The Grange School, Hartford is a popular all-through co-ed independent school. The school is one of the most popular choices for our clients and the exam results are good. Since 2015, 100% of our students have been successful in gaining admission to The Grange after taking the 11+.

If you would like a tutor for The Grange School entrance exam, the best place to start is by making an enquiry on our contact page.

The 11+ entrance exam takes place in January and consists of 4 papers and a computerised assessment:

1 – Mathematics

The mathematics paper is a standard assessment similar in difficulty to the Y6 SATs. Some of the questions may require thinking outside the box, but all of the concepts should be familiar.

2 – Creative Writing

The Grange’s creative writing assessment consists of 3 short writing challenges that assess different areas of writing ability. The simplest of which is improving a few sentences using adjectives and adverbs, then a descriptive paragraph, followed by a slightly longer writing piece.

3 – Personal Questionnaire

The school claim to be interested in what make applicants ‘tick’. They gauge this through the personal questionnaire, where your child is expected to talk about their hobbies, aspirations, etc.

4 – Verbal Reasoning (VR)

The verbal reasoning assessment is broadly similar to other 11+ VR assessments that assess logical thinking, use of the English language and vocabulary.


  • Don’t be tempted to complete a large amount of tests in preparation. This is not a good way to prepare and it is likely to make little or no difference to your child’s results.
  • Focus on bringing up your child’s academic standard in order to successfully gain a place. This way when your child does gain entry, they will continue to thrive when they start.
  • Reading a variety of good quality classic books will help improve your child’s vocabulary and reading skills.