Stockport Grammar School

Stockport Grammar School is a popular all-through co-ed independent school. The school is a popular choice for many of our clients and the school achieves good exam results. Since 2015, 100% of our students have been successful in gaining admission to Stockport Grammar after taking the 11+.

If you would like a tutor for the Stockport Grammar School entrance exam, the best place to start is by making an enquiry on our contact page.

The 11+ entrance exam takes place in January and consists of 4 papers:

1 – Mathematics

The mathematics assessment is pitched to the KS2 expectations, so it shouldn’t contain any elements that haven’t been taught by your child’s school. The key to performing best is to focus on the questions, take care with accuracy and ensure good timekeeping.

2 – English Essay

The English essay is 40 minutes long, and is a standard creative writing piece. Students will be able to choose from three given essay titles.

3 – English Comprehension

The English comprehension is 35 minutes long, and is pitched to the KS2 expectations. Good comprehension skills and vocabulary will be the key to maximising scores.

4 – Verbal Reasoning (VR)

The Stockport verbal reasoning exam is broadly similar to other 11+ VR assessments that assess logical thinking, use of the English language and vocabulary.



  • Don’t be tempted to complete a large amount of tests in preparation. This is not a good way to prepare and it is likely to make little or no difference to your child’s results.
  • Focus on bringing up your child’s academic standard in order to successfully gain a place. This way when your child does gain entry, they will continue to thrive when they start.
  • Reading a variety of good quality classic books will help improve your child’s vocabulary and reading skills.