Children enter senior school at either the age of 11 or 13, depending on the school they are attending. It is usually a very exciting time, the result of hard work in the prep years in order to attain admission to the school of their choice. It can also be a time of great anxiety, anticipation and nervousness. It is particularly daunting for first time boarders, who will have to make new friends in a new environment.

The GCSEs, which are taken in Years 10 and 11, are a crucial part of a child’s education in the UK. A good set of GCSEs will afford your child the opportunity to attend one of the best sixth forms or colleges and, ultimately, the most prestigious universities.

Ensuring that your child is suitably supported and achieving well during this stage and in Year 7 and 8, is the key to gaining the best GCSE grades. With children that we support in the seniors, we endeavour to help them become motivated with their studies and to become more organised. We have yet to meet a child with no interest in knowledge, but we have met plenty who dislike school because they cannot understand and apply the knowledge they are being given.

Parents wishing to engage Peak Tuition to support their children should be aware that we do not accept first time students once they reach Year 11.