Traditionally prep has referred to children between the ages of about 7 and 13. In recent years, with the decline of the traditional 13+ transition, many now consider prep to cover up to about age 11. Providing support, guidance and tuition for children in the prep years is the most popular service we offer. We have helped hundreds of children successfully gain places at senior day and boarding schools upon reaching the end of their preparatory education.

In Cheshire & Manchester, we are very fortunate to have a great supply of very different and excellent independent schools to choose from. There is a school for everyone. Further afield weekly boarding is also an option – Queen Ethelburga’s, Rydal Penrhos, Shrewsbury, Repton & others are no more than a couple of hours away. Some start boarding from 11, others at the traditional 13+ route. Students wishing to consider Eton, Harrow and other elite boarding schools at 13+ should begin planning for this as early as possible, with the pre-tests taking place as early as year 6.

We help children to find motivation in their studies, to become academic and independent learners. We choose not to hot-house simply to pass a test, rather we give your child the knowledge they require to pass the test comfortably and to be able to continue working at the pace, level and at the rigour required by their respective school.

At such a pivotal time of your child’s education, seeking expert guidance, advice and support could help to make your child’s education a success.