Manchester Prep Schools

Manchester has some of the best independent prep schools around, providing outstanding value for money and helping your child to achieve places at competitive senior schools throughout the area. Everything written here is entirely our opinion and we’re always happy to share genuinely honest advice to our clients. Schools with their own dedicated pages can be further investigated by clicking the school name, if a name is not linked, we have decided not to further expand on them at this time.

Preparatory Schools


Lady Barn House School
The school has a bit of an unfortunate reputation for being a hothouse, but we don’t think that’s necessarily true and there are plenty of extra-curricular activities that take place. Pupils and parents give good reports.


Abbotsford Preparatory School
A very small prep school, we’ve had a very small amount of clients from the school, so it’s hard to form any real opinion.


Moor Allderton Prep School
One of the small prep schools in Manchester – again we’ve had very few clients come from there, so there’s no way for us to really form an opinion outside the prospectus.


Hale Prep School
A good little prep school in Hale, results are decent and it’s a nurturing environment.


Altrincham Prep School
A very popular prep school for boys in Altrincham. Non-selective and prepares boys reasonably well for entry to more selective senior schools.


Bowdon Prep School
A popular prep school for girls in Bowdon. School does a good job and is popular with parents and students.