Pre Prep


Deciding the pathway for your child’s academic career is a daunting task. The choices can feel overwhelming at times, with a vast number of state and independent schools offering the self-proclaimed “best” education. The truth is that choosing the school that best fits your child will always yield the best results. Peak Tuition have the expertise and experience to guide you with this process and offer greater insight into what schools are really like.

One of the most common questions that we are asked, is which age we are able to begin teaching children. There is no concrete answer but your child should have the ability to sit and maintain attention for a reasonable amount of time. For most children, 5 or 6 is the most appropriate age to begin considering tuition. Many of our parents choose for their children to take the 7+ exam for schools such as Manchester Grammar School, Withington High & Manchester High School for Girls. Whether you are aiming to gain entry to a selective prep school or you just want to ensure your child gets the best start, we are here to help your child make the most of their education.