Online Tuition

Our online tuition service enables us to reach a global audience, at an affordable cost. Delivered by highly experienced professionals, we have worked to ensure that our online tuition is just as high quality as in-person tuition. Delivered on high performance computers, with studio quality microphones and high definition cameras – our students feel immersed in their studies and using our interactive whiteboard, study is collaborative and engaging.

Our online tuition is well suited for students:

  • Living in remote areas
  • Travelling
  • Working on-location, where permits don’t mandate in-person classes
  • Home educating


What equipment does my child need to get the most out of their lesson?

A computer or iPad, internet connection, audio / visual (usually built-in to modern devices).

Is online as good as face-to-face?

Having the benefit of switching all lessons to online during the pandemic in 2020, evidence shows that the benefit is equal and our students’ exam results and progress were consistent with expectations.

How many lessons are recommended?

It’s impossible to give a definitive answer for this, but we will be up front with you about your child’s academic position and guidance towards achieving your academic goals and expectations. Most of our students only require the 90 minute weekly minimum lessons, some busier parents choose a second 90 minute lesson with keeping their child organised and up-to-date.