Manchester Grammar School (MGS)

The Manchester Grammar School (MGS) is a popular all-through independent day school for boys. It is the single most popular destination for our clients, with roughly 30% of our students choosing to go there. Peak Tuition are able to provide expert tuition and help your child prepare for the entrance exam. Since 2015, 100% of our students have been successful in gaining admission to MGS after taking the 11+ and 98% at all other stages. If you would like a tutor for the Manchester Grammar School entrance exam, the best place to start is by making an enquiry on our contact page.

Find out more about how we help children taking entrance exams here.

The 11+ entrance exam takes place in January and consists of 4 papers:

1 – Arithmetic A (Short)

Arithmetic A is a straightforward 30 minute assessment, consisting of 20 questions. None of the questions require any excessive working out & all topics are likely to have been covered by your child’s prep school.

2 – Arithmetic B (Long)

Arithmetic B is a more challenging 1 hour assessment, consisting of 11 questions with several sub-questions. The questions vary in difficulty and most will require some level of working out or the use of formulas. Some of the topics – permutations, for example, are unlikely to have been taught by your child’s school and so the test is designed to highlight mathematical strengths in 11+ candidates.

3 – English A

English A is a 30 minute assessment that measures your child’s understanding and use of the English language. This includes a short comprehension, finding missing works and logic and data. Your child should have a varied and sophisticated vocabulary to ensure a strong result on this paper.

4 – English B (Comprehension)

English B is a complex 50 minute assessment that challenges your child with a comprehension followed by a series of questions. Those questions vary in style, but heavily require good inference skills and time management. Vocabulary is also important for this one, so make it a key focus of your preparation!



  • Don’t be tempted to complete a large amount of tests in preparation. This is not a good way to prepare and it is likely to make little or no difference to your child’s results.
  • Focus on bringing up your child’s academic standard in order to successfully gain a place. This way when your child does gain entry, they will continue to thrive when they start.
  • Reading a variety of good quality classic books will help improve your child’s vocabulary and reading skills. – The Manchester Grammar School