Manchester Senior Schools

Manchester has some of the best independent senior schools around, providing outstanding value for money and helping your child to get excellent grades and continue their studies at competitive sixth forms and universities across the UK and worldwide. Everything written here is entirely our opinion and we’re always happy to share genuinely honest advice to our clients. Schools with their own dedicated pages can be further investigated by clicking the school name, if a name is not linked, we have decided not to further expand on them at this time.

Senior Schools & All-Through Schools


Withington Girls’ School (All-Through)
Located in the Fallowfield, Withington Girls’ School is a large independent girls’ day school. It has an excellent reputation and is popular with students and parents. Academic excellence is expected.


The Manchester Grammar School (All-Through)
The biggest independent day school for boys in the UK and incredibly popular. More than half of our clients end up attending MGS. Outstanding teaching and exam results to match.


Manchester High School for Girls (All-Through)
An excellent school for girls, good academic results and well balanced extra-curricular activities make this a particularly good choice for creative girls who are also academically able.


St. Bede’s College (All-Through)

St. Bede’s is a large independent Catholic school in Manchester. It gets good results and has a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Pupils like the school.


Bridgewater School (All-Through)

A smaller independent co-ed school, very few of our clients ever seek entry here but we get more than a handful each year who attend the prep and progress to an academic senior – so the basics are sound.


Stockport Grammar School (All-Through)

A large independent school in Stockport. The school has a good range of extra-curricular activities and academic results are generally very good. Support when students are not making good progress can be lacking.


Bolton School (All-Through)

A very large independent school in Bolton. Both the boys and girls divisions have a good range of extra-curricular activities and academic results are good.