Boarding School Prep


Peak Tuition provides support to children of all ages who attend boarding schools. Some children come to us in advance of boarding, whilst others already board and their parents seek our support and guidance to ensure they are progressing well. Most existing boarders are taught by us when they return on holidays and at exeat weekends. For those who come who in advance, we help them to prepare for the change – let them know what to expect and share anecdotal stories. Our boarding school prep service aims to further advance your child’s academic attainment and prepare them for a stress-free transition to boarding life.

Our students attend and have attended many boarding schools across the UK and overseas, the table below shows a selection:

Repton School
Charterhouse School
Eton College
Harrow School
Shrewsbury School
Rugby School
Westminster School
Ludgrove School
Queen Ethelburga’s
Tonbridge School
Brillantmont, CH
Sedbergh School

Whichever boarding school your child attends or you hope for them to attend, we will always work in the best interest of your child and help them make the most of their education.