Peak Tuition’s summer club is designed for children aged between 7 and 11 years of age. It is packed with fun activities that are academically focused; that being said, we want to make it clear – this is not another boring couple of weeks of school.

Your child will compete in teams to problem solve and share their knowledge in order to help their team collect the most points and win the weekly accolade. Make no mistake – it gets very competitive.

Activities that could take place are:

– Building spaghetti marshmallow towers
– Planning for a zombie apocalypse
– Attempting to bluff your way to victory in 2 truths and a lie
– Mathematical problem solving
– ‘The Geography & Science Challenges’ (We’ve got to be vague to keep it fair! Sorry)
– Entrance exam practice
– Quizzes and puzzles
– Cooling water fights!
– Arts & crafts

Your child will also get the opportunity to explore the area surrounding us, go for lunch in the village and spend time with other great children who are bright and motivated learners. Our club is perfect for children preparing to take entrance exams or for children who have lost their love of school and need a boost in confidence.