Summer School 2018

Peak Tuition’s summer school is designed for children aged between 8 and 11 years old and is academically focused. Whilst there will be plenty of opportunities for fun, picnics on The Moor and creative challenges – their minds will be kept active, sharp and alert. Your child will get the opportunity to improve their English, maths and VR skills and we will stretch the curriculum – exploring capital cities in geography and ancient civilisations in history. In politics they will learn about issues that are important to our lives, they will listen to other people’s opinions and they will learn how to debate. They will learn other skills too – like how to approach exams and good revision techniques. Children taking 11+ entrance exams will acquire key skills that will help them maximise their chance of success.

We are limiting our summer school to a maximum of 15 children, to ensure that the children can benefit from a calm & comfortable environment. Your child will be able to work in small groups and receive 1-1 time with the summer school lead.

The summer school will run for 6 days in total, each day starting at 9am and finishing at 3pm.

Week 1 – Monday 30th July, Tuesday 31st July, Wednesday 1st August

Week 2 – Monday 6th August, Tuesday 7th August, Wednesday 8th August

The venue is Knutsford Academy on Bexton Road.

Summer School Fees

Week 1 or 2 only – £400

Week 1 & 2 – £600

Fruit, water and snacks will be available during break periods. Lunch will also be provided.

Summer School - Booking Form