Home Education

Sometimes conventional schooling isn’t right for your child. They may be involved in the entertainment industry, an athlete or working at a level significantly different to their peers. We appreciate that taking the decision to home school is a difficult one and that it can be a very exciting, yet daunting prospect.

We can support you and indeed your child, with your journey and provide as much support and advice as is required. You can book as few as 10 hours a week, up to a full 25 hours. We can help you develop a timetable that suits your circumstances and strike the right balance between parent led and tutor led teaching.

As each clients situation is unique, we would highly recommend calling 01625 330 505 and arranging a no-obligation home visit to discuss how we could help you make the most of your child’s education.

You can’t have a conversation with a website. Call 01625 330 505 and arrange a home visit.

Home Education Support

Home educating your child is not without its challenges. You are legally required to provide a full-time education for your child, although you do not need to follow the national curriculum. 

The national curriculum does not always inspire children’s passion for learning or provide adequate intellectual challenge. Children learn best when their education encourages independent learning and further study – education should be about children achieving their full potential,  not simply aiming towards a distant GCSE grade.


Even though you have removed your child from formal education, qualifications and exams remain important in order to secure a place at university and ultimately for future employment.

Peak Tuition can support you with registering your child for the exams that you feel are most appropriate. We will support you through the process and assist you with selecting the most suitable qualifications.

  • Support with exam registration
  • Support with exam practice

Make the most of your child's education

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