Withington Girls’ School

School Overview

Withington Girls’ School was founded in the late 19th century, making it comparatively modern for an independent school in the area. In just over a century, the school has built an incredible reputation for outstanding results.

The school consistently scores firmly around the top of the league table locally and is our clients most popular destination for single-sex girls education, particularly preparing to take the eleven plus (11+).

Girls attending the school are mature, confident and ambitious for the future. The school provides ample opportunity for extra-curricular activities and provides support for applying for Russell Group and Oxbridge Universities.

We can also support students currently attending the school with academic tuition for maths, English or science.

Withington Girls’ Entrance Exam 2018

The entrance exam usually takes place in January for entry in the following September. The test consists of a English, maths and VR papers.

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