Stockport Grammar School

School Overview

Stockport Grammar School is a co-ed independent school located in Stockport. Founded in 1487, it is the oldest operating institution of learning in the North of England.

The Good Schools Guide wrote of the school that “the pupils’ overall achievement and their learning, attitudes and skills are outstanding. Pupils are exceptionally well educated and the school fulfils its aim to enable boys and girls from a wide range of backgrounds to realise their potential which gives them the best possible start in life.” 

Stockport Grammar School was identified by the Sutton Trust as one of 10 schools nationally having a significantly higher acceptance rate to university than other institutions with similar A Level results.

The Stockport Grammar School entrance exam (11+) is rigorous and prospective students should be bright and have a genuine passion for learning.

We also support students currently attending the school with academic tuition for maths, English or science.

To book a specialist tutor, give us a call on 01625 330 505.

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