The Manchester Grammar School (MGS)

School Overview

The Manchester Grammar School (MGS) was founded in 1515 and has enjoyed a rich and vibrant half century educating some of the brightest boys from across the North West.

The school consistently scores firmly around the top of the league table locally and is our clients most popular destination for single-sex boys education, particularly preparing to take the eleven plus (11+).

The school’s entrance exam is thorough and breaks away from multiple-choice common entrance exams. Boys are tested for English, maths and comprehension.

We can also support students currently attending the school with academic tuition for maths, English or science.

MGS Entrance Exam 2017

The deadline is flexible, but the school requests applications to be returned by 18 November 2016 to ensure that you are able to obtain the most convenient dates for the assessment day.

To book a specialist tutor, give us a call on 01625 330 505.

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