The Grange School, Hartford

School Overview

The Grange School is an independent day school near Northwich in Cheshire. Originally founded in 1933 as a prep school, in 1978 the school opened a secondary school and now teaches children of all school ages.

The school is divided into three departments, a Kindergarten, a Junior School and a Senior School. The Junior school has six forms, for National Curriculum Years 1 to 6, while the senior school has First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms, for Years 7 to 11, plus a Lower and Upper Sixth Form for Years 12 and 13. The Junior School is in Beechwood Avenue, Hartford, near Northwich, the Senior School in Bradburns Lane, Hartford. 

The school’s entrance exam is made up of a range of CEM and internal testing.

We can also support students currently attending the school with academic tuition for maths, English or science.

To book a specialist tutor, give us a call on 01625 330 505.

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