Our Personal Touch

With the growth of globalisation – local expertise and a truly personal service has all but disappeared. Services that profess to be bespoke and personalised, rarely turn out to be anything other than slick marketing. With tuition, there are a plethora of tuition agencies out there that can put you in touch with a tutor from their extensive databases. The vast majority of these companies are unlikely to have ever met any of the tutors they place in person, at best, they may have seen a CV. Once the tuition commences, the only further contact will be to collect fees. Not with us.

We are committed to doing things differently. Weekly tuition is provided by a limited number of tutors, selected by hand, interviewed and met in person by our Education Director, Daniel Coward. Since 2013, Daniel has personally interviewed 74 tutors and to-date has invited just 12 to work with us. Many subjects & days are now subject to waiting lists, some as long as two years. Despite this, we refuse to compromise on the quality of our tutor selection process and we remain committed to our values of quality over quantity.

“Finding a private tutor to match my requirements was like a maze. There were many options however, upon research, we found they offered a generic and somewhat impersonal service.

At Peak Tuition it was refreshing change. They took time to really understand our needs and requirements. From initial brief through to strategic recommendation, everything was bespoke and carefully thought through…”

Peak Tuition’s services extend beyond just hourly tuition. Our education consultancy service can help you plan and make decisions for your child’s education. Many of our clients have been using our services for many years to provide their children with truly personalised tuition, support with school selection, ongoing academic mentoring and for occasional advice and support. Our full range of services ensure that you can get the advice you need from a consultant that you know, that knows you and most importantly, that knows your child.

Parents choose us because:

  • We’re independent education specialists, so we understand your child’s curriculum
  • We offer a full range of services, so we can ensure expert advice for your child’s academic career is always a call away
  • We have extensive local knowledge of the North West, so that we know which schools would best suit your child
  • We’re proud to be a small team of experts, so you won’t lose the personalised service over the years
  • We treat your child as an individual, so we help your son or daughter to make the most of their education
“I have been amazed at the progress my child has made in such a short space of time. In particular, I am impressed with the way that the tutor got to know my child, and quickly started to build their confidence…”

If you are living in Cheshire, Alderley Edge, Prestbury, Wilmslow, Knutsford, Hale or the surrounding areas, request a prospectus or contact us, to learn more about our services and to find out how we can help you make the most of your child’s education.

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