A Guide to Entrance Exams

You may be surprised to read that the 11+ and common entrance exams can be the source of stress and anxiety for many parents and children. If you have been through the process, or you are currently going through the process, you are likely not surprised at all.

Firstly, there is the incredible amount of schools that require your child to take an exam for entry.

Listed below are many of the most popular to highlight the scale of choice.

Independent Schools

Kings Macclesfield, The Grange, Cheadle Hulme School, Manchester Grammar School, Stockport Grammar, Withington Girls, Manchester High School for Girls, Cransley School, Alderley Edge School for Girls, Wilmslow Prep, The Ryleys, Yorston Lodge, Hale Prep, Bowdon Girls, Ambrose Prep, Altrincham Prep, Forest School, Pownall Hall, Brabyns Prep, Lady Barn, Hulme Hall, Greenbank Prep, Stella Maris, Terra Nova, Abbey Gate College, King’s, Queen’s, Tower College & Bolton School.

Grammar Schools

Altrincham Grammar School for Boys, Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Ambrose College, Sale Grammar, Urmston Grammar, Loreto Grammar School & Stretford Grammar.

Once you have found a school that you think is right for your child, your attention then focuses towards gaining entry.

  • Will they be able to pass the exam?
  • Would they benefit from some extra time with a tutor?
  • What will happen if they don’t pass?
  • What does the exam consist of?

Over the years we have heard worries from hundreds of parents. Seldom unique, always with due regard for their child’s future. You will almost certainly encounter advice from other well-meaning parents – sometimes with good advice, other times outdated, misinformed or plain bad advice. Parent’s that use Peak Tuition appreciate, and benefit from, our direct, informed and up-to-date advice.

The best thing you can do for your child is to avoid purchasing a lifetime supply of 11+ books, especially Bond books which have hundreds in the series that you can buy to your heart’s content. There is little to be gained from your child repetitively working through repeated questions. It is far more important that they learn the skills required. If they do a sample paper, there is much to be gained from going through the questions they got wrong and starting with the correct answer to work backwards to discover where they went wrong. This process is effective for maths, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning & comprehension.

Choosing Peak Tuition to support your child through the exam process maximises their pass potential. Over past 2 years, 100% of our students passed their entrance exam, with 94% being offered a place at their first-choice of school, 100% for independent schools, with many of those students being offered an academic scholarship.

Although it is never possible to guarantee a pass, Peak Tuition stands head and shoulders above other tuition providers as we teach the skills required to pass the exam, rather than pointless, repetitive exam practice.

Our current wait time for entrance exam prep is approximately 12 months and we are currently accepting expressions of interest for entrance exam prep tuition for exams from Jan/Feb 2018.

Find out more about our entrance exam services here.

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