It’s a real word, I promise.


“The ability to recover after a setback, esp in sport.”

Waiting for the long-anticipated entrance exam result is stressful, make no mistake. Waiting for that letter to arrive, usually on a Saturday morning, is a source of stress in its own right. Is the envelope heavy or light?… Is it in a large or small envelope?… Is the envelope white or ivory? These are just a few of the bizarre theories we have heard over the years – insider tips, apparently, to know the decision inside the letter before tearing it open to look inside.

What follows is the harsh reality of a selective exam. Whilst some will be offered a place and be overjoyed to share their news, others will not.

So what happens when things do not go as planned?… When the exam result isn’t what you had hoped for?… When you face the prospect of sitting your child down to tell them that they won’t be able to attend the school they have set their heart on?

1 – Your child has just taken a challenging exam, which is probably the first formal exam they have ever sat. If they have done their best, they have done themselves proud and you should praise their effort.

2 – The difference between candidates who are offered a place and those who just miss out can be extremely narrow. Explain this to your child, tell them not to be disheartened and if you are still set on the school, explore the alternative entry points.

3 – I know that you had your heart set on a particular school – but believe me, there are others that are just as good, some better. It isn’t the end of the line, explore the alternatives.

4 – If you would like informed advice on the best way to move forward, speak with an education consultant or with your child’s current school.

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