The Best Independent Schools 2017

It’s been a year of significant change for many schools across Cheshire & Manchester. We’ve seen changes in headships, exam results and teaching staff. Once again, we’ve had a look at the local independent preparatory & senior schools across Manchester and Cheshire, and put together a list of our most recommended, for the 2017 – 2018 academic year. We are, of course, very fortunate to be surrounded by many outstanding independent schools across Cheshire, this list is our most recommended based on academic results, client feedback and our first-hand experience with students attending the school.


Preparatory Schools

1 –The Manchester Grammar School, Manchester (Juniors) (#3 in 2016)

The Manchester Grammar School (MGS) Junior School is an outstanding prep school for boys, especially for those wishing to progress through to the MGS Senior School. The school is particularly suited to boys with a passion for learning and a thirst for knowledge, an impressive extra-curricular schedule adds to the offering. The school continues to build on the success of previous years, never complacent and delivering consistently good academic progress.



2 – The Ryleys, Alderley Edge (#2 in 2016)

The Ryleys is an excellent co-educational day school, with a rich history. The school is universally popular with both parents and children and our clients speak highly of both the teaching staff and the school itself. Located in Alderley Edge, the school provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities and the school commits to inspire and nurture their pupils. Inclusion was an easy decision, it’s one of our personal favourites, a true gem.



3 – Lady Barn House School (New Entry)

Lady Barn House is a new entry to our recommended list. Based in Cheadle, Lady Barn is a fairly large prep school that has a deserved reputation for favourable senior school entrance exam results. Clients compliment the school’s focus on reading, writing and arithmetic and this shows through in the children’s proficiency in those areas. Additional strengths include impressive music & sport provision, boasting a well rounded education. If you are looking for your child to attend one of the more selective senior schools, be sure to pay a visit.



Honourable Mentions

The Grange School (Prep) (-) , King’s Macclesfield (Prep), Wilmslow Prep, Cheadle Hulme School (Prep) (+)


Senior Schools

1 – The Manchester Grammar School, Manchester (#1 in 2016)

No change from last year, The Manchester Grammar School (MGS) is one of the country’s leading academic schools for boys and the school is distinctly different to others locally. The entrance exam is intellectually challenging and ensures that boys are suitably prepared for the level of academic study to come. Boys that attend the school are well rounded and enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The school is particularly strong with providing career advice and guidance. A no brainer.



2 – The Grange School, Hartford (#2 in 2016)

Despite the senior school being founded in 1978, making it a relative newcomer, The Grange School is a popular school based in the heart of Cheshire. The school is co-educational and is popularly considered to nurture children as individuals, both academically and through extra-curricular activities. Individual is a word frequently used by The Grange and it shines through with happy students that feel valued and happy to be at school. Entry at 11+ is recommended.



3 – Manchester High School for Girls, Manchester (#3 in 2016)

No change here either. Articulate, confident and well-rounded. Girls that attend Manchester High School for Girls can be easily identified. The school is one of the country’s leading academic schools for girls and provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities. We have been fortunate to see first hand how teachers at MHSG go above and beyond to help the girls attending the school to achieve their full potential.



Honourable Mentions

King’s Macclesfield, Withington Girls’ School, Alderley Edge School for Girls (+), Cheadle Hulme School (+)


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