Back to School

Parents: Congratulations.
Children: We’re terribly sorry.

The summer holidays are almost over and it is time to fall back into familiar routines. Prepare for the scratchy new uniform, school lunches, homework and after-school clubs.

Starting back at school in September can be an overwhelming and stressful time. There are often so many changes – new teachers, classrooms, students… it can all be difficult to take in after almost two months of freedom and socialising. Assuming your child has been keeping up with their maths and English, the transition should be smooth and trouble free. If they suffer from the “summer brain drain”, then some additional support may be just what they need to help them to catch up and reach their full potential.

How we can help

We don’t exam coach and we don’t hot-house.
We provide our students with the knowledge and skills they require to not just pass a test, but to apply their understanding and achieve success that they can continue to build upon moving forward. All our students in the past three years have been awarded a place at their preferred independent school and we continue to monitor their progress to ensure that they thrive and benefit from the outstanding teaching that most of our local independent schools provide. Our students that are not taking entrance exams consistently achieve outstanding exam results and their school reports often praise their attitude to learning, independent learning skills and organisation.

“…these suggestions received great feedback from the school and have since been implemented.”

When is the right time to get in touch?
If your child is usually working at, or above the level expected for their school, we don’t think it’s necessary to get in touch unless their teacher raises concerns at the Michaelmas half-term. Availability, however, is usually non-existent at this time and we would probably not be able to offer you a place until after the independent school exams, in February. We will always try our best to accommodate, however, so it’s always worth giving us a try.

Advice from the Experts
If you have concerns that your child is not reaching their full potential, or you would simply like some independent expert advice, our consultancy services allow you to gain access to our services at any point during the academic year. We are able to accurately assess your child’s current academic attainment and provide you with sound recommendations to ensure that your child continues to make progress and fill in any gaps in their subject knowledge.

You may now be considering the next step in your child’s academic career. Choosing a school is much like any investment – good and impartial expert advice, will minimise the risk of making a poor investment. School reputations are notoriously unreliable and change, often dramatically, as headteachers change, teachers leave and a school can become unrecognisable within just a few years. We keep up-to-date with changes in schools known to us, regularly speak with our students attending the schools and make use of our extensive contacts. Our clients collectively invest approximately £2.5 million per academic year on their children’s education and we help them to ensure that this is money well spent.

“We were looking for a tutor to help our daughter prepare for an entrance assessment for an independent school.  We chose Peak Tuition because of their specialist experience in this area of tuition.”

Daniel Coward Education Director

Our Education Director, Daniel Coward suggests that finding the right school for your child is not as simple as choosing the best school based on exam results. You need to ensure that the school fits your child’s personality and is an environment that they can be truly happy in. He adds that if your child has all the academic foundations in place and is an independent learner, they will do well in any school with a good standard of education.

We are fortunate in the UK to have a wide variety of unique independent day and boarding schools which allows you to find the right fit for your child. We have schools for academic children, sporty children and both academic and sporty children. Does your child want to be a doctor? We know the right school for them. A politican? We know the right school for them. The possibilities are vast and the potential is endless.

You only truly have one opportunity at making the most of your child’s education. Having Peak Tuition in your corner will ensure that your child reaches their full potential and you will receive the best guidance possible. Our service is bespoke, personal and unique.

“…The sessions were better than school because they were more challenging and I got taught what I needed to know for the entrance examination; at school they only did local schools’ past papers.”

We wish you all the very best for the 2017/18 academic year.

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