Education Consultancy

Expert Advice

Our education consultants offer a wide range of bespoke options for supporting your family with any number of education related needs. From providing expert advice on school selection and assessing your child’s academic attainment, to providing effective recommendations for improvement.

Academic Assessments

A comprehensive academic assessment can pinpoint how your child is performing academically. The results from the assessments are then used to form a detailed report of your child’s strengths and weaknesses and a summary, which will contain feedback to ensure that your child makes further progress.

Student Mentoring

Some students, particularly bright students, underachieve due to a lack of motivation or because they have become disaffected with education.  Our student mentoring service is aimed at igniting your child’s passion for learning and helping them to plan out their future and understand what they must do in order to achieve it. 

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Consultancy Testimonial

  • Daniel came to assess our son as we were advised that his handwriting wasn’t to the level that it should be. After working out which areas our son needed to improve on, he gave us some brilliant exercises that we could do at home with him each day, and after just a week we noticed a huge improvement in his handwriting.

    As a result, he is much more confident and willing to complete handwriting tasks that we set him at home. 

  • We learnt to focus on one learning aspect at a time, and put these into games that really do work. Without this guidance, we would have been carrying on his homework as normal and not really achieving much progress.

    Daniel also looked at our son’s record of achievement, and immediately picked up on things that the school could improve in the classroom to support our son – these suggestions received great feedback from the school and have since been implemented.

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