Terms & Conditions

Hate long winded small-print? So do we, here are the key points.

Fee Policy

1 – Fees are due monthly-in-advance.

2 – Our fee structure is outlined here.

3 – We do not ordinarily teach more than 1 student at a time. If we do, the fee will be multiplied by the number of students.

4 – All clients must pay the non-refundable £200 annual client fee to access Peak Tuition services. This is charged during the registration process and then on the 1st September of each subsequent calendar year.

Cancellation Policy

The Cancellation Policy applies to all services, including consultancy and hourly tuition.

Notify – info@peaktuition.co.uk  | 01625 330 101

5 – Less than 24 hours notice – Full fee payable.

6 – Less than 48 hours notice – Half fee payable.

7 – More than 48 hours notice – No fee.

8 – Cancelled lessons that are not billed will be carried over as credit against the next invoice, no cash refunds are made.

9 – Whereby a client cancels twice, under terms which are not billable, the client’s relationship with Peak Tuition will be reviewed and may be discontinued by the Education Director, without notice.

Behaviour Policy

10 – Students will behave in an appropriate manner whilst receiving tuition.

11 – Students must take responsibility for their own learning and complete any additional prep requested to be completed.

12 – Students will comply with all reasonable instructions given by their tutor.

13 – Poor behaviour will lead to a ‘red flag’, 2 ‘red flags’ will result in a review by our Education Director and our services may be withdrawn. Only forthcoming lessons which have been prepaid will be refunded, minus our termination fee under T&C(19).

Allocation Policy

14  – Only clients that have paid the annual client fee T&C(4) will be maintained on our waiting list.

15 –  Places are allocated to the waiting list based on suitability for available slots. Factors taken into account include location, requested days, times etc.

Expectations Policy

16 – Although we will do our best to ensure your child has the best chances, we are unable to guarantee progress or results.

17 – Clients are expected to share all relevant information with us at the point of initial enquiry. This includes any special educational needs (SEN) and relevant educational history.

18 – Tutors will, if desired, give a brief (5 minutes) update at the end of each lesson.  If you would like a more in-depth update, you are encouraged to book an hour to have that discussion.

Prep Policy (Homework)

19 – Prep is not given as standard, with the exception of students receiving entrance exam prep, and is at the discretion of the tutor.

Termination Policy

20 – If you wish to cease lessons you will be asked to complete a month’s notice from the termination request. It is possible to terminate immediately and this will incur an early termination fee of £200.

Privacy Policy

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