Case Studies


Sophie attended a local independent prep school in Cheshire. Her parents were concerned that she was not making as much academic progress as she could be and that the standards at school were not meeting their expectations. After spending time with Sophie, it was clear that there were some learning gaps and that the school were not quite providing a level of challenge sufficient to provide a competitive edge when taking exams for selective senior schools.

Sophie continued to make sustained progress over the following months and successfully gained entry to a different school for the following academic year.


Hugo attended a local independent all-through school in Cheshire. In Year 2 he sat the entrance exam for Westminster Under School – unprepared for the academic standard required, on that occasion, he failed to gain entry.

At this point his parents contacted us and asked for support and guidance to help them realise their plans for him to attend a selective boarding school, with a view to eventually attending either Eton or Harrow. We provided regular tuition for around a year and he successfully gained a place at a selective boarding school. He continues to make excellent academic progress, placing 1st for the majority of subjects in his year group.


Alex attended an independent prep school outside Cheshire and his parents wanted him to attend The Grange, Hartford for his senior years. We supported Alex for about 6 months and he went on to gain an academic scholarship and offers of places for both of the senior schools he sat the entrance exam for. He continues to thrive in his new school.

“The sessions were better than school because they were more challenging and I got taught what I needed to know for the entrance examination; at school they only did local schools’ past papers.” – Alex, 10.


Jake attended a local independent prep school in Cheshire. His father is a professional sportsman and his mother runs a successful business. We were engaged to support the busy family and to help plan their children’s academic careers. This was particularly important for Jake as he was approaching the stage where making a decision about his future schooling reached a pivotal point.

Jake is now happily attending an independent all-through school, where it is expected he will remain.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality.